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Blue Clouds 2

Blue Clouds 2

Original Oils on stretched canvas 40 x 40 x 1.9cm



I painted this piece at the same time as ‘Blue Cloud 1’ trying to recreate it, but it evolved into its own painting.  My favourite part in this painting are the bushy trees, I used these same trees in my painting ‘A Beautiful Sunset 2’ as I enjoyed painting them so much.


This painting, like many of my paintings is based on the view of my local fields and woods on Riddlesdown common.  It is painted from memory with lots of artistic licence.  I try to go for a run a few times a week and spend so much time looking at the tree lines and clouds, they are imprinted in my mind.


What always fascinates me when painting a new piece is that I painted one thing, and the viewer can see something completely different.  I really enjoy watching the viewer looking at my paintings and pointing things out that they can see. 


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