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Simon Bailey Artist 

"The Cloud Man"

Hello, welcome to my website.  My name is Simon Bailey, I was born and still live in South London. 

I studied A levels in Art and design and graphicalcommunication at college. 

After college I did not touch any art medium for 20 years, but started painting again on  the advice from a Neurologist to help relieve the pain from daily migraines.

I can't believe I didn't paint for so many years and now paint daily using oils, working mainly onlandscape involving trees and clouds.  I have picked up the title “The Cloud Man" from fellow artists, which does make me laugh as I do love looking at and painting clouds, I love the different colours and shapes they form as they drift on by. 

If I could paint a different cloud every day, I'd be very happy.

I have Dyslexia and find this an advantage whencreating art as it helps to think outside the box and be free from rules.

In 2022 I was shortlisted for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition,being selected from over 16,500 entries with my painting titled “Lips in thesky”.  Which was an amazing experience.

I have exhibited in galleries and taken part in group artshows across London. 


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